2018 begins with our SPEC Prize Calendar DRAWS – The WINNERS are . . .

2018 begins with our SPEC Prize Calendar DRAWS - The WINNERS are . . .


SPEC’s 40th year begins with our 2018 SPEC prize calendar DRAWS – 365 days of prizes!  Congratulations to our Winners . . .Do you need a Calendar?   To get your calendar and to be entered  into the every-day-DRAWS, come see us at SPEC or ATB, Brooks. Debit, Cheque, E-transfers and Cash always 🙂 

Our Winners. . .  We love our calendars – prizes every day for only $25.   Call us 403-362-5056.   (Please pick up prizes at SPEC  327 – 3rd Street West.)

July 16th – Anyieth Thiong has won the Quikway Aviation flight over Brooks! . . . an hour flight valued over $340.  Congratulations Anyieth!  What a fun prize to win 🙂  Enjoy!

July 15th – Congratulations Henry Najda!  We know that you will enjoy your prize of a folding chair and carry bag – rest and relax anywhere you go!

July 14th – Tami Dewhurst has won a $30 gift certificate donated by Brooks Collision for an Aquapel Windshield treatment.  Congratulations Tami!  We have your certificate here at our SPEC     office, 327 – 3rd Street West.

July 13th – Friday’s winner is Gwen Cameron!  Congratulations Gwen – we have a Mastercraft screwdiver/bit set for you.  #namebackinthedraw #prizeseveryday

July 12th – Brooks Stationers has generously donated a $70 gift certificate, which is going to Tracy Lacusta! Your name is back in the draw!!

July 11th – Congrats to Ken Tomlinson, who has won (2-) 9 holes of golf! Perfect weather for a game.

July 10th – Our winner today is Yvette Jennissen! Congratulations Yvette! We have a $25 Montana’s Restaurant gift certificate here at SPEC for you.

July 9th – Tye Sparrow is the winner of earrings donated by Hicks Jewellers…the perfect gift!

July 8th – Congratulations Danton & Megan Rodgers!  You are the winners of a $25 gift certificate to Duffy’s Fun Center!  It’s all about PLAY!

July 7th – Calendar/Ticket#032 – Kristi Stimson!  You are the winner of a $25 gift certificate from Canada Safeway store!  Congratulations Kristi!  We have your prize here for you at SPEC>

July 6th – Trudy Kern has won a $25 gift certificate to Rists Shoe Centre.  Congratulations Trudy!  You will find the trendiest shoes at Rists 🙂

July 5th – Congratulations to Christopher Pratt!  You are the winner of today’s prize draw of a $25 gift certificate to SPORTSIDE – Source for Sports, Brooks!

July 4th – Boston Pizza has donated a $25 gift certificate . . . and the winner is Jennifer Okell!  Congratulations Jennifer!  Your prize is waiting for you at SPEC.  BP is a favorite 🙂

July 3rd – Marianne Paulo has won a $25 gift certificate for 42nd Street!  Congratulations Marianne – https://www.42street.ca/  The selection is awesome!

July 2nd – Congratulations Lisa Jones! You have won one of our major prizes this month – Brooks Golf Course has donated 18-hole certificates for four people with golf cart!  Golfing, riding on the golf cart . . . all good!

July 1st – Lori Yokoyama Red Gun has won the perfect summer gift – a folding chair with a carry bag.  Time to relax Lori!  We have your chair here at SPEC.

June 30th – Dan Klein is today’s winner in the SPEC Prize Calendar draw!!!  Congratulations Dan!  We have a Mark’s market gift certificate (value$25) here for you at SPEC.  Thank you to Cheryl Endersby-Connelly of Alliance Mortgage for donating today’s prize.

June 29th – Congratulations Holly Turpin! You are today’s lucky Calendar winner 🙂 You have won THREE McDonald’s Value meals!!!! Value ($27.57)

June 28th – Congratulations Michelle Cherewyk ! you are todays winner of the 25$ Hicks Jewllers Gift Certificate ! Drop in to our office and claim your prize!

June 27th – Congratulations Sherry and Spencer Olsen ! You are todays winner of a 25$ TIM HORTONS gift certificate! Enjoy your treat! Ready to be picked up.

June 26th- Congratulations Russell Kennedy ! You are todays luck calandar winner! You have won a Mastercraft 70 piece Screwdriver Set ! (value 70$) Ready for pick up 🙂

June 25th- Skyler Hofmann– Congratulations! You have won the Rists Shoe Store Gift Certificate!  (value 25$) Ready for you to pick up and enjoy!

June 24th – Cailey Henheffer CONGRATULATIONS! You have won the EDO JAPAN CERTIFICATE! (Value 25$)

June 23rd – Congratulations Carl Dovichak! Is the lucky Prize calandar winner today! You have won a 25oz Manna Stainless Steel vogue Bottle. (value 49.99)

June 22nd – Congratulations Colin Eggen!  The perfect patio awaits you and your $25 gift certificate for Montana’s – Brooks!

June 21st – Jeffrey Tolentino has won (2) – 9 holes of Golf at Duchess Golf Club.  Congratulations Jeffrey!  A perfect way to spend time outside.

June20th – Holly Brown is our SPEC Prize Calendar winner today!  Congratulations Holly!  StarTech Automotive has donated a gift certificate (value$60).

June 19th – Congratulations to Susanna Thiessen!  You have won an Allied Distributors Prize pack valued at $60.  Allied has a wide selection to choose from – something for everyone 🙂

June 18th – Rhonda Cook has won a McDonald’s Restaurant (3) Extra Value Meals!  Congratulations Rhonda – McDonald’s newly renovated space is a great place to dine in!

June 17th – Congratulations Patricia Gerestein!  You have won a folding chair with a carry bag – it is your time to relax!!!  We have prizes won at SPEC – 327 – 3rd Street West.

June 16th – Matthew Hill is the day’s winner of  a Brooks Collision Windshield Treatment valued at $30.  Congratulations Matt!  Brooks Collision is at 341 – 8th Street East.

June 15th – Congratulations to a second-time winner – Tia Argue!  Harwood Ford has donated a Deatil Package valued at $350!  Thank you Harwood Ford – everyone appreciates a clean vehicle!

June 14th – McDonald’s Meal 9 holes of golf at Duchess Golf Course goes to our day’s winner.  Congratulations to . . . Kevin and Kasey Olsen!  Enjoy the day!

June 13th – Sportside Source for Sport has donated a $25 gift certificate – and the winner is  . . . Carole & Murrray Hoveland!  Our local sporting good store with so much to choose from.

June 12th – Congratulations Tia Argue!  You have won crystal earrings from Hicks Jewellers!  Hicks is a great place to shop for those special gifts.  You will sparkle Tia 🙂

June 11th – Today’s prize is a $25 gift certificate to Boston Pizza – it’s all about food 🙂  The winner is . . . Rice Bros. . . . Congratulations!  Please come pick up your certificate at our SPEC office, 327 – 3rd Street West.

June 10th – Kerry Douglas is th winner of a $25 gift certificate for Duffy’s Fun Centre – so many things to do for everyone!  Congratulations Kerry!

June 9th – Congratulations to Z.R. Shaw!  You have won a $25 gift certificate donated by 42nd Street!  Your certificate is here at our SPEC office.  And your name is #backinthedraw for many more days of prizes.

June 8th – The winner of the day’s $25 gift certificate donated by Rists Shoe Centre is Cindy Hegland! Congratulations Cindy!

June 7th – Congratulations Danielle Baht!  You have won (2) 9-holes of golf at the Duchess Golf Club.  PHONE: 403-378-4710  Range Road 144 Duchess, Alberta, Canada, T0J 0Z0  The perfect time of year to enjoy your prize.  #namebackinthedraw #prizeseveryday

June 6th – Franklin’s Tires Ltd. have donated a wheel alignment (value $79.95) for our SPEC Prize Calendar draw.  Congratulations Lane Thiessen!  We have your gift certificate here at SPEC for you (327 – 3rd St West), and your name is back in the draw for many more days of daily draws.

June 5th – Bruce Snape won (3) Extra Value Meals Donated by McDonald’s (value $27.57)  Congratulations Bruce!  Enjoy our newly renovated McDonald’s, their awesome staff and food/drinks for anytime of the day!

June 4th – Today’s winner of a $25 gift card to Shoppers’ Drug Mart is Jason Kasdorf!  https://goo.gl/DJ9Nst  Check out the great sales they have at Shopper’s. We have your gift card at SPEC, 327 – 3rd St W, Brooks.

June 3rd – Congratulations Brenda Decelle! Our SPEC Prize Calendar draw of the day is for (2) $50 CoOp gift cards . . . for anything from gas bar to food store selections.

June 2nd – Gail Volek, you are the luck day’s winner of a $25 gift certificate to Canada Safeway!  Congratulations Gail – there is something for everyone at Safeway 🙂

June 1st – https://www.brooksgolfclub.ca/ – Brooks Golf Club has donated a prize valued at $325!  Four people with golf carts can play a round of golf on the fabulous Brooks Golf Club course!  Congratulations to Gillian Kearney!

May 31st – Congratulations TORM!  You have won a $25 gift certificate to Sportside Source for Sports – a great Downtown Brooks place to shop.

May 30th – (3) Extra Value Meals are the prize of the day donated by Brooks MacDonald’s Restaurant.  The winner is Michael Macdonald!  Congratulations Michael!!!

May 29th –  Thank you Duchess Golf Course for donating (2) 9-hole rounds of golf to our SPEC Prize Calendar draws!  Our winner today is Erin Norrish.  Congratulations Erin!!!

May 28th – Congratulations Bob Johnston!  Enjoy refreshments, snacks, meals at Tim Horton’s!  We have a $25 gift card here for you.

May 27th – Perfect time of year for a folding chair and bag – our SPEC prize calendar winnerof the day is Rhea Gases Buendia!  Congratulations Rhea!  We have your chair for you at our SPEC office, 327 – 3rd Street West.  We are open Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm.  Your name is back in the draw for #prizeseveryday 🙂

May 26th – Congratulations Mandy Kowal! Cheryl Endersby-Connelly of Mortgage Alliance has donated a $25 gift certificate to dine at Wasana’s Restaurant!  The best of food and such great hosts await you at Wasana’s!

May 25th – Renee Seitz!  You have won a $25 Rists Shoe Certificate.  Enjoy browsing our local shoe store with the finest to choose from!  Congratulations Renee!

May 24th – Congratulations Scott Seitz! You have won a $25 gift certificate from Duffy’s Fun Centre!  Duffy’s Arcade and Billiards is a great place to find some of the newest arcade machines in Brooks!

May 23rd – $20 gift certificate to Steaming Cup – and – a $20 gift certificate to the  Duchess Golf Course – (9 holes of golf for $20!!!).  The WINNER is Eric Bonora!  Congratulations Eric!

May 22nd – Congratulations Edna Ayeni! Our phone calls to our daily winners are the best 🙂  You have won a $25 value gift certificate from Hicks Jewellers.  A fine place to shop for yourself or others.  Your name is back in the draw Edna.  We have your gift certificate here at SPEC for you – 327 – 3rd St W.

May 21st – Scott Briggs is the Victoria Day winner of a $25 gift certifcate donated by 42nd Street Clothing.  Thank you to all of our donors who have supported out SPEC Prize Calendar! #prizeseveryday #namebackinthedraw

May 20th – Congratulations to a second time winner in our SPEC Prize Calendar Draw – Liana Nielsen!  You have won an Edo Japan Restaurant gift valued at $25.  Their menu is great!

May 19th – Echo Chandler has won a 17oz Manna Stainless Steel Vogue Water Bottle (Value $39.99).  Congratulations Echo!  Perfect for our hot days!

May 18th – Looking forward to the long weekend – it’s all about (3) Extra Value meals from McDonald’s!  Have you been in to see their new restaurant look?  Congratulations to Carol Valenzona!

May 17th – Today’s winner was Jesse Guindon!  You have won an Allied Distributors prize pack (value $60).  Your name is back in the draw for over 200 more days of prizes!

May 16th – Butch Olsen has won a golf shirt in our daily SPEC Prize Calendar Draw!  Congratulations Butch!  It is perfect for you 🙂

May 15th – Value $250 – Brooks Bombers tickets!  Our winner is Kelly McLarty!  Congratulations Kelly!  Just in time for the start of the Bomber’s season – enjoy the whole season!!!!

May 14th – https://twitter.com/SPECAssociation/status/996494083924283392  Congratulations Travis Godfrey!  You are Monday’s winner – we have a Mastercraft 40 piece screwdriver/ driver and bit set for you at our SPEC office, 327 – 3rd Street West.  Your name is back in the draw for over 200 more days of #prizes every day!

May 13th – Congratulations Michael Seitz !  You have won a folding chair and carrying bag – enjoy your summer days . . . sit back and relax!

May 12th – Tina Portes has won our Saturday prize donated by Brooks Collision – a windshield treatment!  We have your certificate here for you!

May 11th – Congratulations Jessica Kearney!  We are so happy that you liked today’s prize of crystal earrings from Hicks Jewellers!  They really are perfect 🙂

May 10th – The winner of today’s (3) extra-value meals from McDonald’s Restaurant is Erin Norrish!  Congratulations Erin – you are one of our “2nd Time Winners”  #namebackinthedraw

May 9th – Today’s prize has been taken by Shirley and Ronan!!! You have won a $25 Brooks Stationers gift card. Congratulations!!

May 8th – Kevin and Cathy!!! We have left a message for you – you have won a $25 Boston Pizza Gift certificate.

May 7th – A Shopper’s Drug Mart gift certificate for $25 has been won by Zenaida Cabiles!  Zenaida is another of our 2x winners!  Congratulations!!!!

May 6th – Congratulations to Bill Fleming!  Smith Funeral Home has donated a $25 gift certificate from the Source!

May 5th – The winner for the day is Monica Castro! We have a $25 Canada Safeway gift certificate for you!

May 4th – The Forth is with you Sherraine Crapo!!!!  You have won a $25 gift certificate to Montana’s Brooks!  Patio time at Montana’s?

May 3rd – Winona Hansen – you really do have a lucky calendar 🙂  You have won a $25 Rists Shoe Centre gift certificate….a great place for shoes, handbags, summer footwear . . .

May 2nd – Wayne Schoneck has won a $50 Work ‘N Play gift certificate!  Congratulations Wayne!   Thank you to Work ‘N Play for being one of our calendar donors.  We appreciate your support!

May 1st – An $850. value Brooks Bulletin 3/4 page colour ad is won by Larry Gassner!  Congratulations Larry!  Your name is back in the draw!

April 30th – Tanya Saunders, you have won a $25 gift certificate from Rists Shoe Centre!  They have a great selection of summer shoes, handbags and so much more!  Thank you Rists for donating prizes to our SPEC Prize Calendar Draw!

April 29th – A folding chair with bag is a great gift Nicole Loke!  We are looking forward to warm sunny days!!!  Thanks for supporting our SPEC Prize Calendar.  Your name is back in the draw for #prizeseveryday.

April 28th – James Unchelenko has won a $25 gift certificate from Mark’s Market – they have special items to choose from.  Have fun shopping!  Thanks to Cheryl Endersby-Connelly for donating our daily prize!

April 27th – Today’s gift is a prize pack of (3) Extra Value Meals from Brooks McDonald’s!  Congratulations Romana Diaz!  May 2nd is McHappy Days at our local Brooks McDonald’s – our SPEC-tacular staff will be there helping for the day.

April 26th – Congratulations to Bev and Denis Ginet!  Our local Pharmasave has donated a $25 gift certificate – have fun shopping for health and wellness or their fun gift selection!

April 25th – Andrew Hunt – you are eating at Montana’s – our award-winning restaurant!  Congratulations Andrew! Thank you Montana’s- we truly appreciate your support!

April 24th – Tuesday’s winner is Chase Irwin!  For you, we have a $25 gift certificate donated by Hicks Jewellers for our SPEC Prize Calendar.  Hicks Jewellers – for a special person, a special moment, a special you!

April 23rd – Monday!  A great way to start the week Jackie Jadraque!  We have a $25 gift certificate to Montana’s for you!  Everyday is great food! – 119 15th Ave West Brooks AB T1R 0V5

April 22nd – Congratulations to Chantelle Sinclair!  We have Edo’s Japan gift certificates for you at SPEC (value $25).  Thank you to all of our donors!

April 21st – Sangva Smith has won a 25oz. Manna Stainless Steel Vogue Bottle.  Please come pick up at SPEC – Monday to Friday – 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  Congratulations Sangva!  #namebackinthedraw!

April 20th – Congratulations to the winner of the Allied Distributors prize pack – $50 preferrred customer gift card and a Lumor keychain flashlight – today’s winner is Angelica Boss!

April 19th – Carol Materi – you have won today’s SPEC Prize Calendar draw!  McDonald’s Restaurant has donated (3) Extra Value Meal Coupons  and we have them here for you at SPEC!  Come see us Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.

April 18th – Congratulations Krista Lundberg!  Tim Horton’s Brooks has donated a $25 gift card for today’s draw – their Always Fresh Coffee, hot beverages, cold beverages and many quick meal options will hit the spot any time of day.  We have your gift card at SPEC for you Krista.  #namebackinthedraw #prizes every day

April 17th – Kent Stogre has won a $25 gift certificate for Boston Pizza!  Congratulations Kent! See @BostonPizzaBrooks on facebook for some of their new menu fare.  A great menu with something for everyone!

April 16th – Season Pass to all of the Brooks Bombers games (value $250) was today’s prize!  Congratulations to Bill Loke!  We know you will enjoy!  Check out their website for everything BOMBERS! http://brooksbombers.com/

April 15th – The draw has been made!  Jesse Bloor – we have a folding chair with carrying bag for you!  Easy up and easy carry – so ready for outside weather “-)

April 14th – Jerri Wilson – you have won a $30 value windshield treatment from our donor of the day – Brooks Collision.  We have the gift certificate here for you at SPEC.  Congratulations Jerri!

April 13th – Congratulations Erin Norrish! Brooks Stationers has donated a $25 for this store.  There is always something for you at the Stationers.  Thank you Brooks Stationers!

April 12th – Gary Dobson is our SPEC Prize Calendar winner of the day!  We have a 40-pc. Sc  rewdriver/Driver and Bit set here for you.  Brand new is always good!  Congratulations Gary!

April 11th – Congratulations Julio Munoz!  You have won a $25 gift certificate to Rists Shoe Centre – Check out their Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/Rists-Shoe-Centre-123418897709028/  Your name is back in the draw for 263 more draws!!!!

April 10th – Brett Woods!!!  You have won today’s draw!  A Shopper’s Drug Mart gift certificate for $25 is yours!  Shopper’s has something for everyone:-)  Congratulations Brett – a second-time winner!

April 9th – Source for Sports $25 gift certificate – is it time for basball equipment yet….any summer stuff?  Gwen Cameron – it’s your turn to shop! Congratulations!

April 8th – Uniquely Chic Floral Arrangement valued at $300 . . . our winner for today is Bruce and Toni Bown!  Congratulations!  Uniquely Chic has a Facebook page with beautiful arrangement photos!

April 7th - Canada Safeway Brooks has donated a $25 gift certificate . . .Congratulations to Liana Nielsen!   Check out their website to see what's instore! https://www.safeway.ca/find-a-store/store/8896-safeway-brooks

April 6th – Our winner today was Holly Olivier Webber!  Congratulations!  We have a Dinosaur Park Family Pass for a Fossil Safari!  A fun prize for a Friday!

April 5th – Hicks Hewellers has donated a pair of crystal earrings for today’s draw.  Our winner is Kelty Becker! Congratulations Kelty!  Your prize is at SPEC, 327 – 3rd St W.

April 4th – Kent DeGuzman is our winner today – (3) McDonald’s Restaurant Extra Value Meals.  It’s all about food 🙂  We appreciate our local community partners for helping to make our Calendar a success with their generous donations.  Congratulations Kent!

April 3rd – Wynona Hansen – you have won a $25 gift certificate from 42nd Street!  Check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/42street/  Congratulations Wynona – always fun to shop at 42nd Street.

April 2nd – Congratulations to Martin/Linda Gubbins!  We have a All Season’s Weed Eater for you, valued at $389.  Thank you All Season Cycle, 904 2 St W, Brooks, AB T1R 1B8  for your donation to our SPEC Prize Calendar!

April 1st – Courtney Dovichak – you have won a folding chair with a carrying bag!  Please come in to SPEC to pick up.  It is waiting for you 🙂  Congratulations Courtney!



MARCH 2018 Calendar Prize Winners

  • March 31 – Carol Materi
  • March 30 Trudy Patterson
  • March 29 – Whitney Rupnow
  • March 28 – Harvey Gausman
  • March 27 Amanda Thornhill
  • March 26 – Sophy Nget
  • March 25 – Mihoko Karaki
  • March 24 – Richard & Marilyn Wutzke
  • March 23 – Clara Iwaasa
  • March 22 – Lois Falkenberg
  • March 21 – Jessaca Laboret
  • March 20 Olga Fyfe
  • March 19 – Tina Preston
  • March 18 – Molly Douglass
  • March 17 – Lil Vinton
  • March 16 – Kelli Marbach
  • March 15 – Denise Brown
  • March 14 – Natalie & Braden Sturch.
  • March 13 – Jeffrey Tolentino
  • March12 – Susan Paton
  • March 11 – Tracy Sidam
  • March 10 – Marlene Drader
  • March 9 – Shirley and Ronan Moen
  • March 8 – John Paul D. Baltar
  • March 7 – Cailey Henheffer
  • March 6 – Carolyn Adams
  • March 5 – Rodolfo Benjamin Enriquez,
  • March 4 – Christie Waldner
  • March 3 – Trina Taylor
  • March 2- Tayler Stojke
  • March 1 – Greg Lynch

FEBRUARY 2018 Calendar Prize Winners

  • February 1 – Brent Neis
  • February 2 – Mandy Kowal
  • February 3 – Tammy Fowler
  • February 4 – Sherry Charlton
  • February 5 – Julie Friesen
  • February 6 – Holy Family Academy Brooks
  • February 7 – Linda & Ken Bidyk
  • February 8 – Patti Fitzpatrick
  • February 9 – Darlene Hanke
  • February 10 – Garret Walsh
  • February 11 – Shirley & Ronan Moen
  • February 12 – Terry Connor
  • February 13 – Julie Friesen
  • February 14 – Janice Jensen
  • February 15 – Barb Medway
  • February 16 – Maureen & Greg Jennissen
  • February 17 – Lisa Dyck
  • February 18 – Crisostisimo Estolatay
  • February 19 – Debbie Dreasy
  • February 20 – Jose Fernando Espitia
  • February 21 – Robert and Grace Franz
  • February 22 – Pat Zukowski
  • February 23 – KevinMeyer
  • February 24 – Lois Falkenberg
  • February 25 – Brett Woods
  • February 26 – Mike Fahey
  • February 27 – Lindsey Koza
  • February 28 – Phearith Guicheteau

JANUARY 2018 2018 Calendar Prize Winners

  • January 1 – Lorraine Froese
  • January 2 – Pat Spath
  • January 3 – Paterno Chicay
  • January 4 – Whitney Rupnow
  • January 5 – Taylor Ayers
  • January 6 – Graham & Wendy Reid
  • January 7 – Jose Fernando Espitia
  • January 8 – Renee Seitz
  • January 9 –  Angie Lunn
  • January 10 – Stew McGregor
  • January 11 –  Skyler Hofmann
  • January 12 – John Duenk
  • January 13 – Marlin Timko
  • January 14 – Cori Fischer
  • January 15 – Lester Janke
  • January 16 – Emily Prouty
  • January 17 – Lisa and Scott Nelson
  • January 18 – Lourdes Monisit
  • January 19 – Zenaida Cabiles
  • January 20 – Colin Tatem
  • January 21 – Branden Mitchell
  • January 22 – Jaki & Rob Kirk
  • January 23  – Devon Musgrove
  • January 24 – Ashley Williams
  • January 25 –  Tabatha Lalonde
  • January 26 – Marley Andruschak
  • January 27 – Allison Patton
  • January 28- Kent Stogre
  • January 29 – Cam Lynch
  • January 30 – Mark Downey
  • January 31 – Terry Lait

Minimum daily prize is $25 value – total value remaining just under $21,000 – prizes up to $1,149!

  • Do you need a Calendar?   To get your calendar and to be entered  into the every-day-DRAWS, come see us at SPEC or ATB, Brooks.   Debit, Cheque, E-transfers and Cash always 🙂  


Every calendar/ticket eligible for every draw!

Calendars will be available at the SPEC office and from any staff or SPEC Board members.  Call us!!!  403-362-5056.  Watch our SPEC Events Calendar on this website, our SPEC Facebook page and for our updates on Twitter for the the latest updates on calendar availability and our daily WINNERS!  Calendars can be purchased with cash, cheque, debit or e-transfer to home@spec.ab.ca  (in your e-transfer message, let us know how many calendars you would like | password/our anser would be calendar).

Featured in the Calendar are photographers depicting our unique Brooks and area.  Thank you to Samantha Plett, Eileen Johnston, Amanda Goodnough, Karol Dayan Ariza, Rochelle Galeski, Tatyana Gavrysh, Katalin Lakotos, Alexis Syvret and Ruth Tkachyk for sharing their photos.