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Parent & Tot

The parent & tot programs are an opportunity for parents and child care providers to meet other parents. This is also an excellent opportunity for your children to interact with other children. Activities and toys are provided for children to learn through play. . Sessions take place in Scandia (Salem Lutheran Church Basement), Rosemary (Community Hall), Bassano (Community Hall), Cessford (Berry Creek School), Brooks (Lakeside Leisure Centre), and Duchess Community Hall. Please check our calendar for current locations

Little LINKS

An after school alternative for children in Kindergarten to grade 6. Little LINKS programs take place in Rosemary (Community Arena), Duchess (School), Tilley (School). These groups run once a week throughout the school year. Check our calendar/newsletter for current locations. Please phone to register 403-362-5056.

Am I Growing?

Just like visiting the dentist, having an eye appointment or seeing a doctor, it’s important to schedule a growth checklist for your child. The Ages & Stages Questionnaires begin at four months and continue up to five years. If you have any questions about your child, call and make an appointment to have one of our staff help you complete the questionnaire. In home, or in office appointments available.

Triple P Positive Parenting Program

A parenting and family support strategy that aims to prevent behavioural, emotional and developmental problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents. And because Triple P is designed and tailored to the needs of parents, you can select one of the many levels of Triple P suited to your specific needs.

Children don’t come with an instruction manual so when it comes to parenting, how do you know what’s best and what works? The Alberta government is helping to take the guesswork out of parenting, by supporting parents and caregivers throughout the province with the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program.

Triple P is offered in four different formats: seminar series, groups, discussion groups and primary care, or one-on-one. For more information on dates, times and availability, please call Ruby at 403-362-5056. There is no cost to attend any of the four formats and childcare can be requested.

Triple P Online

TPOL is a Level 4 Triple P program that is comprised of 8 modules. The modules are designed for parents to complete one per week, with each module taking approximately 30 minutes to an hour. It is an interactive program that contains brief video clips demonstrating Triple P strategies and an interactive activity which aims to reinforce these strategies after viewing the clip. There is also an individualized workbook which contains parents responses to activities and allows them to add notes. The program consistently encourages parents to implement Triple P strategies in their own families.

In order to access this new variant of Triple P, parents and caregivers will be able to request access codes through the Stay Positive website

Parents will be able to input their information, such as their email address, postal code and any additional information they would like to provide. They then click ‘submit’ and soon after, they will receive an access code via email to begin the program. The codes will be provided to families free of charge.

Day Home Visit Program

The SPEC Parent Link Centre Day Home Visit Program targets all the day homes within Brooks and surrounding areas. The program is facilitated by a Parent Link Centre staff where literacy enhancement activities and developmental screening tools are provided upon parental consent. This program takes place in each participating day home one day a week for ten successive weeks. The purpose of which is to provide supports to the day home providers and to build literacy skills in children with multi-cultural orientation.

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