ABOUT SPEC Association For Children & Families


Established in 1978, the SPEC Association for Children & Families, began as a fee-for-service program with Alberta Social Services and Community Health. Since SPEC’s incorporation in 1979, the programs have continued to grow and offer services for children and families under the guidance and leadership of dedicated board members, staff, and volunteers.

SPEC is focused on the positive development of kids by providing a continuum of services from early intervention (prevention) to high intervention during crisis. By providing family support services, SPEC continues to focus on a variety of preventive and educational programs that promotes a caring and committed community where kids are resilient and valued.


A strong and resilient community


Engaging families and community in the well being of children and youth


Our work is guided by honesty, integrity, transparency, open communication and ethical conduct.

SPEC values all people as individuals who will be treated with dignity in an environment that is open-minded and non-judgmental.

We value encouraging the development of self-reliance and resiliency through support and advocacy.

We value quality services delivered with integrity and best practice.

At SPEC, we promise to honour the trust of people we serve and respect their privacy in our services, within our professional code of ethics.

SPEC strives to provide services with minimal barriers to participation.

We value building relationships with other agencies, programs and resources in the community to better serve children and families.


We believe children and families:

Have a right to:

• Well-being

• Be safe

• Be heard

• Have hope

• Be informed

• Have the capacity to change

• Need positive, healthy relationships

We believe in being a vital part of our local,
regional, and provincial communities.




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Roberta Rogers


I have lived in Brooks for almost 40 years. I spent the bulk of my 35+ year career working in the Addictions field before becoming the Clinical Supervisor for Alberta Health Services Addictions and Mental Health. I retired from that position in February 2017.
I was raised on a farm outside Lethbridge and come from a close knit family. I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Lethbridge; a Master of Education Degree specializing in Adult and Community Education from the University of Calgary and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Robert Kennedy College in Zurich Switzerland.
I hope by sharing some of my background you can see I believe in lifelong learning and the importance of family and community in helping support people be healthy.
I have joined the SPEC board because I think this organization shares these same values and as an organization SPEC continues to grow and evolve.
I look forward to meeting and working with all the staff and members of the community in my new role.

Felix Vaughan


I have served on the SPEC Board as a Director since April 2013. Presently, I am Board Treasurer, Chair of the Finance Committee, and Chair of the Fund Development Committee. My studies have included Public Administration, Health Care Management and Disability & Community Rehabilitation. Before moving to Brooks eight years ago, I lived and worked in two other continents. My work life has always centered around individuals and families, so it was a perfect match to join SPEC. It has been a very wonderful experience.

Pamala Hauser


I moved from Edmonton in 2005 and began my teaching career in Brooks. I taught at Holy Family Academy until 2013 and then transferred to St. Joseph’s Collegiate where I currently teach. I am an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and have one child currently studying Political Science in University.
I am excited to be part of the SPEC community and look forward to meeting the people who run this organization! I am the newest Board member and currently Secretary of the Board and a member of the Fund Development Committee.

Amy Dyck


I grew up in Brooks and still live in the area along with my husband and our three kids. I have a heart for the community, its vitality and reliance and have volunteered in various capacities over the years in various local charities including church, health care, community events, youth outreach, and woman’s organizations. I am very pleased and excited to be a part of the SPEC board of directors. I bring strong marketing and communication experience to the board and very much look forward to being a part of the exciting direction and plans that SPEC is bringing to fruition.

Levi Fernell


I'm 29 and have been fortunate to have had many unique life experiences over that time. At 20, my daughter being born caused me to grow up fast. The drive to provide for a young family pushed me towards a successful oilfield career. At 23, I started and operated my own oilfield service company in North Dakota. At 25, I sold my business. I spent time with my daughter then travelled the world. Since 26, I've worked as a manager at JBS Lakeside Feeders. I look forward to sharing what I've learned as an entrepreneur, manager, and father as a SPEC Association Board Director.

Matthew Hill


I grew up in a small rural community in Northumberland, UK. Following university I worked as a high school teacher in London, and met my wife who was originally from Brooks. I transitioned from teaching to entrepreneurship in 2011, building a successful specialist cleaning business before relocating to Brooks in 2017. I work for Community Futures Entre-Corp as the Small Business Advisor in Brooks. I enjoy the variety of work I do, and the range of people I get to meet. I am hopeful that I can bring my diverse skills and experience to the SPEC board.
I am proud to call Brooks home and I am committed to playing an active role within the community. SPEC plays such an important part in the lives of many residents and I am passionate about ensuring the continued health and success of the organization.

Maureen (Moe) Andruschak


I joined the SPEC family in 2000 as a member of the newly created LINKS Community Information Centre program. Currently, I am the Director of Programs at SPEC, ensuring the safe development, implementation, management, and evaluation of SPEC programs, and provide direct supervision to the Program Managers. I ensure programs meet the needs of participants in accordance with adopted standards and established policies and procedures. As a member of the management team, the Director of Programs participates in strategic planning, policy development, agency communication, annual and on-going budgeting, problem-solving processes, and agency change management. My edcuation background is Social Work. I am a long-time community resident, mother of five adult children and am very proud to call Brooks home.

Carol Gill


I joined the LINKS team in 2010. Born and raised in piura-peru, I moved to Canada in 2010. My credentials are a BSc with a Major in Business Administration. I bring with me almost 20 years of experience in a senior leadership and executive management position. I have experience working with expansion projects with multi-disciplinary teams in a very dynamic and goal-oriented organization. My spoken languages are Spanish, English and French.

Janessa Truscott

ParentLINKcentre program MANAGER

Starting as an ESL teacher in Brooks, I have developed a passion for cultures, literacy and helping people break through barriers and isolation. I have over 10 years experience working with newcomers to Canada. Over the past 10 years, I have completed a Degree in Psychology, Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language to Children and Adults and have completed a Speech and Language Degree. Working with the parentLINKcentre program is a great fit as I get to help families integrate into the community, work with child development and promote literacy skills.

Tracey Harahus

Links Community Services Program Manager

Stuart Cameron

connections makerspace Program Manager

To quote local business and Makerspace supporter, Smith Group Holdings and its Corporate Controller, Eugene Foisy: “Today’s youth have never lived without desk top computers, internet, DVD players, Cell phones and so many others all because of innovation. Take a look back into the history of every gadget out there today and that was all made possible through forward thinking. Be inspired ~ make my generations innovations look like a feeble attempt at technology. ” I am proud to be a part of our Brooks and District makerspace.