Our Grateful Client Campaign

The Snowflakes being displayed in SPEC are a fun way to recognize our client donations ~ we can proudly show that their gift goes to helping others.
Why are we doing this?
Our clients and past clients know best how our services and programs have helped them overcome their challenges and barriers.  This is a way past and current clients can help other families and children that are also struggling. It is Families helping Families.  We serve close to 6000 people a year so every bit counts.
Is this a charge for programs or services?
Absolutely not.  Our programs are funded mostly by government grants.  Grants however do not fund the full cost of running SPEC so as a charity we look for other ways to cover the difference such as donations. This is not new to SPEC.  SPEC has always done fundraising in the past.
Is there any specific amount for donations?
We are grateful for donations of any amount.  It is completely voluntary. People can donate on our website www.spec.ab.ca, in person or by e-transfer. Donations of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.
Lastly, please let your clients know about the opportunity to give a gift to help other families just like we have helped them.  Donations can be made in the SPEC office – there are snowflakes to show their support for SPEC.                 Let’s make it a blizzard in here!