PCN partnership (1)

Partnership between PCN and SPEC

Did you know there are FREE mental health services available to children, ages 10-17 right here in Brooks?  


SPEC is so excited to introduce an exciting and new opportunity for the children and youth in the Brooks Newell Region. Palliser Primary Care Network has hired a Child and Youth Behavioural Health Consultant to work with families and youth at the SPEC Association. 


We know that 70% of mental health conditions have their onset during childhood or adolescence and that 75% of children with mental health disorders do not access treatment. Mental illnesses involve changes in an individual’s emotions, cognitive functions, and both physical and behavioural management. Additionally, mental illness can be associated with significant impairment as well as challenges with distress and/or problems functioning in social situations, school, or within family dynamics.  


No referral needed, no long waits and quick access to solution focused help.  


Call SPEC at 403-362-5056 for more information or to book an appointment. 


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