Family Resource Networks, funded through Children’s Services, deliver prevention and early intervention services and supports for children aged 0-18, through a provincial network of community –based service providers. Through a ‘hub and spoke’ model of service delivery, FRN hubs organize and coordinate services in their geographic areas and in various cultural communities. These services are provided either directly by a hub, through spoke services, or collaboratively with informal and formal community partners.

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The SPEC Hub is part of the Family Resource Network (FRN) providing information, referral and service navigation for families who have children 0 – 18yrs. The FRN supports expectant parents, families, caregivers and communities to support the safety and resiliency of infants, children, and youth within nurturing and supportive environments. Program and services will:

  • support child safety, well-being
  • child/youth development
  • and strengthen parenting and caregiver knowledge.

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